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Online Consulting Skills course - ThoughtWorks

"I got a lot out of the course and appreciated you sharing your knowledge, skills and experience. I particularly enjoyed the consulting simulation" Ben Starr, Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Internal Consultancy Skills course - NHS (National Health Service)

"Extremely valuable. I found the programme one of the best I have been on. Thank you very much!" Fiona Rodden, NHS Thames Valley & Wessex Leadership Academy

Internal Consultancy Skills course - BOC Gases UK

"Excellent, I deal with business contacts daily and this has been a very valuable course" David Hodson, Business Process Specialist, BOC Gases UK

Internal Consultancy Skills course - Vodafone UK

"Extremely valuable. This course has been one of the most beneficial learning experiences I have had to date. Thank you!" Richard Burke, Senior Telecoms Co-ordinator, Vodafone UK

Internal Consultancy Skills course - FOS UK

"Extremely valuable - not only is it a sound introduction to my next internal consultancy role but I have an action plan to take my development further" Maria Psaras, Internal Consultant, Financial Ombudsman Service

Internal Consultancy Skills course - Scotland

"Did what it said on the tin! Good range of consultancy tips which will be valuable in my current and future roles" Keith Chalmers, Scottish & Southern Energy, Scotland

Internal Consultancy Skills course - London

"Excellent course!" Constance Vigilance, Commonwealth Secretariat, Pall Mall, London

Internal Consultancy Skills course - France

"Lots of tips, tricks and techniques to deal with the customer in any type of meeting (easy or not)" Annie Mourre, Software Engineer e-commerce, Amadeus, France

Internal Consultancy Skills course - Germany

"The course was very valuable for me because I can use it very well in my daily business" Yvonne Peter, PLD Manager, Wrigley, Munich, Germany

Internal Consultancy Skills course - New Zealand

"Gave me lots of skills on how best to gather and present information. Very enjoyable - will recommend to others" Gavin Kane, Bank of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand

Internal Consultancy Skills course - Hong Kong

"Very valuable in dealing with almost anyone" Julie Ng, Financial Services Director - North Asia, BOC Gases, Hong Kong

Consultancy Skills Courses

Performance Dynamics presents the leading internal consultancy skills training course in the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia. If you need to build relationships with people in your organisation, understand their business needs and wants, present business solutions, influence them and build their ownership and commitment to take action, then you are operating in an internal consulting role.

Learn how to boost your skills as an internal consultant to have greater impact. This highly practical seminar is a 2-day course presented on-site at your location. Discover how to:

  • Build highly productive working relationships with internal and external managers and 'clients'
  • Develop lasting solutions your internal and external clients or stakeholders will 'own'
  • Apply the skills and techniques to influence those 'difficult' people
  • Use professional consultancy tools and techniques that really work
  • Boost your 'Emotional Intelligence' to read your client and get what you want
  • Gain a broader business perspective and speak the high-impact business language of your stakeholders
  • Overcome resistance and build lasting commitment to action
  • Leverage your expertise as an internal consultant or service provider and reposition your team as a value-adding business partner

Internal Consultancy Skills course
(2 days)

This course is a fast-paced and highly concentrated learning experience and draws on the extensive practical consultancy and change management experience of the course facilitators. The programme includes internal consultancy case studies, simulations and practical hints, tools and techniques to help you get even better results as an internal or external consultant or business partner.

internal consultancy cycle
making the transition to an internal consultancy role


Designed to help you develop the practical skills required in a consultancy role: in the practical case study simulation you will work in a team of up to 8 participants. Guided by one of our experienced facilitators you and your team will plan and take part in a lively and realistic simulation of a consultancy initiative - from initial contact with the client or stakeholder manager through to a successful implementation. You will learn how to deal with the real-life hurdles internal consultants face and how to use many professional consultancy tools and techniques. In the seminar presentations, discussions and practice exercises you will discover how to deal with difficult situations, influence difficult clients, build highly productive working relationships and re-position yourself and your team as a highly valued business partner.


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Personal Consultancy Style Assessment and Personal Development Workbook

Personal Development Workbook
Consultancy Skills Profile
Personal Consultancy Style

You can also get a computer-analysed assessment of your personal consultancy style benchmarked against a comparison group of over 500 internal consultants and service providers. The accompanying 40-page Personal Development Workbook will help you take stock of your personal strengths and development needs and help you take action to leverage your strengths and address areas needing further development. You will also receive benchmarked feedback on your "EQ" (Emotional Intelligence) and how to boost it, 16 aspects of your Personal Consultancy Style and 8 aspects of your preferred Team Style.

Consultancy Toolkit

Consultancy Tools
Consultancy Toolkit

Consulting Tools App

Google play consulting tools app
Phone with Consulting Tools Android App

Get our app for Android-based phones and tablet devices. Packed with consulting guides and checklists.

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Quick reference "Palm Cards", checklists and Consulting Tools smartphone app to help you remember and apply internal consulting techniques with real clients and stakeholders following the course.

Who should attend...

You will benefit if you are: a Human Resource practitioner, IT Professional, Business Analyst, OD specialist, Training practitioner, Learning & Development specialist, Internal Auditor, Finance & Tax specialist, Total Quality specialist, OH&S professional, Project Leader, Business Development Manager, Change Agent, BPR specialist etc. In fact any role where you need to get things done in parts of the organisation where you have no direct authority, or achieve objectives in situations where you cannot simply tell them what to do.

Why attend one of our consultancy skills courses?

For managers and team leaders this is an important addition to general management training, change management, project management or general management courses and is designed to help you develop the internal consulting skills to help you add greater value as business partners. This can serve as an important tool in organisational development and culture change at the micro-level within business units by equipping managers and staff with the practical skills to tease out business needs and operate in a more responsive, business oriented and customer focused way. Our consulting courses are tailored to provide effective consultant training for those working as an external consultant with external clients, or as an internal consultant or advisor in technical or specialist support functions within organisations. As a functional specialist this consultancy training will help you boost your consulting skills and learn how to have greater impact and how to apply a consulting process in your specialist area. For example:

  • HR consultants: as a human resources specialist this course will boost your HR consulting skills and help you become more effective as an HR consultant and Business Partner. Learn how to get line managers to take ownership of initiatives driven traditionally by a central human resources function. This is an adjunct to traditional HR training and HR courses. Human resources training courses provide a good foundation of technical skills and knowledge but often do not equip you with the HR consulting skills needed to move into a Human Resources business partner and consulting role. Our course facilitators have many years' personal experience in HR consultancy and can bring to this course hints, tips and techniques that really work.

  • IT consultants: as an IT specialist this course will boost your Information Technology consulting skills and help you become more effective as an IT consultant. Learn how to probe beneath the "wants" of clients to tease out the real business needs so that technology solutions are highly focused on the priorities of the business. This is an adjunct to IT training and IT courses such as business analyst training. Information technology training and business analyst courses provide a good foundation of technical knowledge and skills but often do not equip IT consultants with the consulting skills needed to move into an internal or external IT consultancy role. Our course facilitators have many years' personal experience in IT consultancy and can bring to this course hints, tips and techniques they have learnt in dealing with real clients and stakeholders.

  • Internal Specialists and Business Partners: as a technical specialist or business partner (e.g. in finance, organisation development, training, health & safety, project management etc) this course will enable you to leverage your current skills, generate greater buy-in and have greater impact on the organisation. By enhancing your internal consulting skills you will learn how to focus your specialist skills on business priorities and to distinguish client "wants" from what they really need. Whether you are new to your role or highly experienced, this course will give you an extra layer of skills to better exploit your current knowledge and skills and to be seen to operate as a valued business partner. Our highly experienced course facilitators have many years' personal experience in virtually every major industry sector and have an unrivalled depth and breadth of experience of real business consulting initiatives and projects ranging from profitability reviews, design of management information and accounting systems, consolidating mergers and acquisitions, health & safety audits, competency-based training strategy, automated production systems, HR selection and performance management methods, job grading and remuneration & benefits, incentive schemes, quality and customer service projects, culture and climate surveys, systems design and testing methodologies, introducing flexible working arrangements...and many many more. They will bring to this course real business consulting experience, "war stories", hints, tips and techniques that have stood the test of time and really do work.

Find out more - see our short presentation:

Performance Dynamics - Internal Consultancy Skills Course

For more information get our short Acrobat "Internal Consultancy Skills" presentation.